Networking 2.0: Going Beyond LinkedIn

The world of networking is ever-growing and evolving. Gone are the days of our fathers, where networking happened on the 9th hole of a swanky golf course while smoking cigars. Today, networking, [...]

Top 5 Skills of Influential CEOs

Whether you are in the C-suite and seek to maintain influence or are in the process of researching and interviewing the next company you want to work for, look for and endeavor to become a leader [...]

Job Search Confidence is Key

Being affirmed by others and believing in ourselves are two different concepts that can be worlds apart. We can all bridge the gap with a healthy dose of self-confidence regardless of the [...]

The Battle with Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is a difficulty many of our previous clients have worried about when applying for a new job. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 makes it illegal to discriminate [...]