Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time or a Valuable Professional Advancement Tool?

Is LinkedIn a waste of time?

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Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile?

“Do I really need a LinkedIn profile? It seems like one more social network I need to keep up with.”  That’s an understandable mindset as research shows that American adults spend over 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media. The truth is that we are inundated, overwhelmed, and exhausted, but LinkedIn is a unique tool that can help your professional development in ways that other social media platforms cannot.

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?

It’s really all about professional networking, not personal networking. LinkedIn is an excellent place to cultivate and maintain professional relationships through virtual networking. It allows you to increase business connections and start conversations with people that can lead to beneficial progress including jobs, partnerships, contracts, and more!  It provides a platform for advanced learning through professionals in your field. After all, people don’t just say the phrase, “It’s all about who you know” for no reason.

LinkedIn also does an incredible job of showcasing your personal brand to your network and reveals what organizations and groups you are interested in and committed to. Whether you are showcasing your work experience for potential recruiters and HR managers or you are showcasing your portfolio for LinkedIn’s Profinder, the capability to demonstrate your professional skills online can lead to many opportunities, including your dream job!

Doesn’t a referral hold weight and value?  It is the greatest compliment you can give a professional, and doing so through LinkedIn for the world to see is even greater. Maria Santiago from M. Santiago Group has been referred to as a resume writer numerous times due to someone in her network being connected to her on LinkedIn and referring her. One of her most recently referred clients said, “There were so many professionals with the same skills, but you and I shared a connection on LinkedIn, so I decided to reach out to you first.” This tends to be a common recurring theme with this social media platform. People truly prefer to know who they are employing. If they entrust the individual who recommended you, then they naturally have a degree of confidence established with you.

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