Job Search Confidence is Key

Job search confidence

Being affirmed by others and believing in ourselves are two different concepts that can be worlds apart. We can all bridge the gap with a healthy dose of self-confidence regardless of the position we find ourselves in now. In other words, securing a promotion, leading a team, or serving on the strategic planning committee all starts with exuding a bit of self-confidence.

Confidence is Key in Job Search

Maria Santiago of M. Santiago Group recently says that during career coaching and mock interview sessions she discovers that for many of her mid-career clients that the qualifications, credentials, and experience exists, but the self-confidence is sometimes lacking and becomes a candidate’s barrier to achieving their next-level goals. “We spend time developing an understanding of just how capable and qualified we are and learn how to effectively communicate our strengths to prospective employers. The more we practice this, the more we begin to effortlessly and naturally walk with confidence about who we are personally and professionally.”

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