Professional Bio Writing Services

A Professional Bio is a great tool for executives and C-level leaders but is also a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, artists, and highly visible professionals who engage in public speaking or frequently conduct interviews with the media.

Professional Bio Writing Fees – $495 – $695


A powerful one-page narrative that tells the unique story of your career success in a way that will captivate and engage your target audiences.

Our Approach to Crafting Your Professional Bio

Step One – Onboarding

We will start with verbal and written intakes and then review your existing career marketing documents. During your initial consultation, we will develop an understanding of your accomplishments, value proposition, and brand. Then, we will formulate a strategy to craft the right message. We will collaborate with you on the tone, brand, messaging, target audience, and overall style before writing an engaging one-page document that clearly articulates your skills, accomplishments, and value as a leader in your industry.

Step Two – Writing, Editing, and Finalization

Once we have reviewed your documents, we will design and write your one-page Professional Bio and submit a Word and PDF document for your review and feedback. We will communicate in writing to conduct the revision phase based on your valued feedback. This process may take up to three rounds as you read, consider, ask questions, and reread your documents.

Having a professional bio will not only provide you with a marketing tool; it gives you the language to effectively communicate what you have accomplished and how your expertise can be leveraged for new opportunities. Take advantage of our professional bio-writing services for your next speaking engagement, business plan, venture capital firm submission, management consulting role, website, and more.

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