Preparing Your Resume for Expat Work

Crafting your expat resume for jobs abroad can be challenging as it pertains to format and style in each country. The way your academic accomplishments are presented may be the difference between securing your dream job and getting overlooked. Below are a few items to consider as you develop your resume for life as an expat.

How to write an international resume? Useful Tips

  • Highlight skills that show your adaptability and experience with global markets. For example, some skills that reflect this are:
    • Participating in global expansion initiatives
    • Fluency in multiple languages
    • Cross-Cultural Awareness
    • Collaborating with teams in global markets
  • If your resume is in English, remember to change your spelling according to the location that you will reside in. This will also help you avoid making any spelling mistakes and major grammatical errors.
  • Within the U.S. a CV is a more detailed account of your professional experiences, with the resume being a more concise version. It’s important to understand that outside of the U.S., there is interchangeability between the word CV and resume.
  • In addition, you need a cover letter that truly compliments your resume. It is a great way to highlight your soft skills, convey how your qualifications parallel the employer’s requirements and showcase how you can enhance the posted position.
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Expat Resume Tips
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