How to Deal with Job Burnout

Job Burnout Is Real.

Job burnout is real, and so many high-capacity people must face this truth at some point. We over-commit, work too long, and stretch ourselves too thin. We continue to send the message to everyone around us that we are fine until the day comes when we are not fine.

How To Deal With a Burnout?

The first things that come to mind at that moment are a long weekend, followed by a vacation, and if possible, a leave of absence. Those are all great strategies but, what if an extended leave or a sabbatical isn’t enough? What if you know that 1 week off can turn into 3 months and you will still feel sick about what you must go back and face?

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Am I The Only One With Job Burnout?

This happens to leaders quite often.  I’ve seen it from a variety of people.  My clients including an occupational therapist, a former missionary, a business development director, and a pharmaceutical sales representative all suffered from the same feeling of job burnout. As I began working with each of them through career strategy sessions, I conducted a S.W.O.T. analysis on their careers, and I asked some very targeted inquiries. I believe these questions were a key foundation in each of their career transition journeys. The questions were:

  1. What’s the root cause of your burnout?
  2. What are you currently passionate about?
  3. Where do you hope to be in one year?

Identifying the answers to these questions allowed us to formulate a plan to get rid of a job burnout. This career transition blueprint helped them manage their anxiety and gave them tremendous peace about their next steps.

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I Need Help Healing from Job Burnout!

What about you? Do you find yourself amid a career that is taking more from you than giving back? Is it simply about having the courage to speak to your employer, your board members, or your business partners about what needs to change? Does it require a more drastic measure? Either way, I’m happy to help you through this season as well as the next more joyful time in your career.

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