Impacting Your Community

Look for Opportunities to Give Back 

Every week M. Santiago Group helps professionals craft professional resumes and navigate through the next steps of their careers.  We love what we do! Our writing skills provide us with the opportunity to support established professionals across a variety of industries. It also allows us to impact our community by giving back to aspiring professionals. It’s why we do what we do!

Because of the many individuals and companies that choose M. Santiago Group, we’ve been able to make an impact in our community. We’ve spent the last 6 years funding and supporting career coaching, mentoring, financial literacy, and vocational scholarships for unemployed and underemployed families through Chosen Ministries! 

What’s Your Why?

What is it that drives you to continuously bring excellence in the field you’re in? How are you impacting your community with the work that you do?  Here are three ways to get involved in your community that can easily be highlighted on your resume.

  1. Implement skills-based volunteering into your lifestyle. It’s understandable that you may already have too many commitments but finding 2 hours per month to use your accounting, litigation, or cooking skills to give back to a local nonprofit is a significant way to give back.
  2. Become a board member of a local charity and collaborate with your employer to match your annual giving.
  3. Annual fundraisers generate a great deal of cash but can be incredibly draining to nonprofit staff and very costly. Partner with your colleagues to chair a fundraising event that will help the nonprofit staff to focus on the families they serve instead of securing donations.

Ready to make an Impact?

If you are not already involved in a local charity, there are always great nonprofit organizations that need committed individuals of excellence who are willing to partner with them.  Your community impact is vital and paints a complete picture of who you are in the office as well as outside of the office!

How are you impacting?