Your Credit Score is Affecting Your Chances of Getting Hired

Depending on the industry, your credit can hurt your chances of getting the job and several of our experts have assisted clients with this problem before.

Mr. Robinson had navigated through a rigorous online application process, a phone interview, and a panel interview with three candidates. The company expressed that he was an excellent fit for their organization and had the professional expertise they were looking for. Unfortunately, after completing his background check, the company went with another candidate because of his previous bankruptcy.

Mr. Robinson expressed his concerns about this roadblock in his career search to M. Santiago Group, and we were able to help him in the following ways:

  • Research companies and industries willing to
    • Overlook his credit score
    • Limit his fiduciary responsibility
    • Focus more on his strengths.
  • Seek other highly ranked job opportunities that fit his skills and abilities
  • Understand that he can work on his credit score while pursuing these other ideal positions
  • Create a professional resume and coach him on other career tactics

Mr. Robinson followed up and told M. Santiago Group he had secured a great job after the career coaching! Understand that you may run into this problem with positions that require a high amount of fiduciary responsibility, but you can pursue other great positions with a little coaching while improving your credit.

For more information on how credit can hurt your chances of getting hired, check out this article.

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