A Recipe for Finding Your Next Job Opportunity

Where Do You Start Job Searching?

A friend of mine had a casual conversation with someone about the position she was interested in and was introduced to a hiring manager who asked to see her resume. After going through the interview process, she was offered a position, negotiated her salary, and accepted a counteroffer. Sometimes the recipe for success is that straightforward, and sometimes, it’s not. If you are in the midst of your job search, there’s never been a better opportunity for you to be creative in your career endeavors. Agility is the name of the game among hiring professionals as organizations scramble to make employment offers to appeal to the professionals they seek to hire. So, where do you start?

Finding Your Next Job Opportunity

If all of your career marketing documents are in order and you’ve been actively searching on Indeed, don’t discount LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google alerts. In addition to that, many professionals find opportunities because of the contacts they continue to develop through networking.

Stay informed about what is happening in your community instead of just relying on job search engines. Whether you have your eyes on a particular company or not, it may be to your advantage to pay attention to mergers, acquisitions, and corporate relocations because those always lead to new job opportunities.

Pay Attention To Next Job Opportunity

I’ve found a job the perfect job, now what?

Look at your resume and cover letter to make sure they align with the position of interest. I suggest making minor modifications each time you apply for a job if needed. Double-check the company website to ensure that the role is still posted if you initially discovered the opportunity on a job board.

How Do I Find a Job Opportunity? References & Testimonials

Gather relevant and current references. Up to 45% of employers check references, so it is necessary to have reference information ready. When you offer references at the end of the interview, it is proactive and demonstrates that you are confident about your skills and relationships. Appropriate references are usually previous bosses, supervisors, and employers or leaders of volunteer organizations who will give you a positive reference. If these choices are not available, consider clients vendors, professors, and professional colleagues.

Ask some of your most articulate references if they can write a 2-3 sentence testimonial about your work. Make sure they understand the types of roles you are interested in pursuing so that they can potentially speak to your skillsets.

Stay Aware of the Timing

I recommend applying for the job within one to two weeks of the posting. Try to apply within a week or two of the posting. A report from Brazen found that 43% of job openings are filled during the first 30 days. It’s important to note that this stat also means that 57% of job postings may still be active after a month. So even if you are getting close to the 30-day mark, you still might have time to apply for the job.

Finding Job Opportunities: Get Creative with Your Location

We are amid the great resignation, an ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs, and there’s a tremendous opportunity for everyone. James 4:23 in the Bible says, “You have not because you ask not.” When you receive that job offer, several items can be negotiated. We can discuss all of those in an extended mock interview session.

Remote work is an option; more and more countries and US states are luring professionals through relocation incentive programs with cash bonuses and other perks.

Here are just a few:

Don't Have The Same Pain Points

Remember that as you search for new opportunities, there are various aspects to consider beyond the salary and benefits. The same pain points that made you leave your current position shouldn’t be the same frustrations that meet you at the door in your next job opportunity. It’s essential to identify what isn’t working to move towards what you want to do. An ideal situation is that you are a good fit for your company, and your company is a good fit for you.

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