Effective and Useful Tips! Job Searching While Still Employed

how to find a new job while employedNathan Salmon recently wrote the article “Tips for Job Hunting While Still Employed”. He included numerous Do’s and Don’ts that are very useful for employees seeking to be discreet and courteous while they explore new job opportunities. This blog post will recap Nathan’s piece as well as include some of our own advice!


How to job hunt while still employed?

It’s important to keep your job hunt quiet. This includes not hunting for a job online at your current workplace and not telling co-workers. These are easy ways for your supervisor to find out before you are ready to turn in your resignation. You will further not be able to concentrate on your job search if you are paranoid someone will find out. Do not announce your job hunt publicly on social media. I’ve seen plenty of people ask their friends publicly on Facebook if they know any places hiring. If you are presently employed while asking this question, there is a great chance that your employer will find out. However, you should tell trustful people because networking and referrals can certainly get you a leg up if you are recommended from an established source.

Job hunting while employed – useful tips

Another pointer is to dress in what you normally wear to work. It’s essential to not dress differently while at work but change outfits for an interview after work. People will most likely notice and inquire why you are wearing a suit versus the khakis you typically wear. I’ve learned from experience this is not a smart move to make.

In Nathan’s article, he recommends working with a staffing firm. Yes, looking for a career can feel like a full-time job in itself. Working with a staffing firm saves you time and increases your chances of obtaining exclusive opportunities. Do consider a staffing firm will charge by potentially taking a percentage of your salary. So, prepare to research and evaluate the costs and benefits of using a staffing firm.   

It’s imperative to be professional and leave the organization gracefully. Don’t burn the bridges that took time and effort to build. Be honest with your employer if they found out about your job exploration. Most likely you will use your boss as a future reference so it’s important to leave on good terms. Tell them what you are thinking and let them know you were planning on giving two weeks’ notice once something was more secure. Keep the conversation positive and act grateful!

Good luck to you!

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