Shifting Your Career Position

Shifting Your Career Position

Shift. It’s a word that keeps coming up and I think it applies to so many of us who have had to evaluate our careers, lifestyles, finances, and more this year. We made plans that needed to be altered or canceled. We had ideas that were put on hold. In every case, we needed to shift. Perhaps the timing, the promotion, or the opportunity wasn’t right at the time, but it could be now. So, would you consider setting aside your disappointment and simply begin again?

Learning from Disappointments

Career and personal failures tend to haunt us and even though they are supposed to be separate, one aspect of our lives typically affects the other areas. So, how do you pivot? Learn from your disappointments by asking yourself some thought-provoking questions. 

  • What are 3 issues that led to the failed project, job loss, frustrating interview, or lost opportunity and how can you prevent this from happening once more?
  • If you could go back in time, how would you navigate through the circumstance differently?
  • Would it be possible to get the viewpoint of one or two people who were present?

learn from disappointments shift career

Shifting Career Plans

For those who were thriving in industries that have been greatly affected by the pandemic, shifting career plans may be necessary. One of my clients lost a job as the director of a private business club. We spent some time identifying his valued expertise and his technical proficiencies before establishing a career transition strategy. If you can relate, here are a couple of questions to consider.

  • What are the transferrable skills that can help you circumvent the problem?
  • Do you need coaching to help you define them, develop a strategy, and create the tools you need to move forward?

Modifying Thought Processes and Moving Forward

We often get stuck dwelling on areas of our life that we deem unsuccessful. While it is important to be mindful of what needs improvement, it’s equally important that we remain hopeful. There are less than 2 weeks before we start the new year. That doesn’t mean we should coast through, wearing a badge of defeat. It means that there is an opportunity to make these last days of 2020 some of the best days. Consider this:

  • What stresses you out and how can you eliminate those items off your list?
  • Are there measures you can take to prevent yourself from moving in the wrong direction?
  • Which activities bring you joy and how can you add more joy-filled interests into your life?

remain hopeful in a career shift

As you process these questions and find ways to spend time with the ones you love both near and far, I wish you a wonderful season and a happy new year! 

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