How to Declutter and Shorten a Tech-Heavy Resumé

How to Shorten your IT Resume?

Showcase your skills to a potential employer! Shorten and declutter your resumé!

As an Information Technology professional, your tech skills may range from working on Local Area Networks to providing large-scale technical solutions for an organization with 800 employees throughout 9 facilities.  Even though you have 6 pages worth of professional experiences, it would be in your best interest to decrease that to 2 pages.

How Do You Trim Down 5 Pages of Professional Content?

Here are 3 quick tips!

  1. Research, identify and remove redundant sentences and phrases. You may have completed similar tasks within each of your positions, but the bullets under each of your position should not state the same exact information.
  2. Think about what makes you stand out as a candidate. Focus on highlighting those specific accomplishments instead of listing the details of your daily operational tasks.
  3. Use a word bank of key skills to showcase your capabilities instead of creating a lengthy resumé.

Give these helpful hints a try, but if you need further help, we just shortened a 5-page resumé into a sleek document that represented its owner incredibly well and M. Santiago Group is happy to assist with yours too. 

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How to shorten a resume?

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