The Transition from Military Service to Hired Veteran

To the Veterans reading this, we want to start off by thanking you for your incredible service and the undeniable sacrifice that has been made.  We can only imagine based on our many veteran clients, that coming home from deployment can be overwhelming and the transition from military positions to civilian jobs can seem daunting.  How do you identify, evaluate, and articulate transferrable skills? Can enlisting the assistance of a recruiter or certified resume writer who understands military to civilian transitions help?  We believe so and have a few success tools you may implement today.

Matthew Hudson, a former civil engineer for the air force, now Google Program Manager has introduced an amazing addition to Grow with Google. Starting in August 2018, service members can search ‘jobs for veterans’ in the Google search bar. They can enter their specific military job codes to view businesses that are hiring for similar skill sets. Another excellent tool to use if you are more of the entrepreneurial type is Google My Business. Google My Business has made it simple by targeting consumers who would appreciate supporting veterans and it classifies the business as Veteran-owned.

Consider the following:

Gather intel on the jobs you are interested in and carefully consider whether you are interested in applying for government positions through USA jobs or broadening your opportunities through LinkedIn because federal resumes require more information than a candidate typically includes in a resume.

Compose a resume that reflects the accomplishments, skills, and expertise you bring to an employer. While your NCO Evaluation Reports provide detailed information about your military career, you must determine which information is relevant for corporate America and which information is better off being explained in an interview.

Consider enlisting the expertise of a resume writer that can articulate who you are professionally and provide you with strategies on how to move forward once your resume is complete. Need assistance?  Click here to complete a form and one of our Certified Resume Writer Partners will contact you immediately.

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