Front-loaded metrics on resume

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Enhance Your Resume with Front-Loaded Metrics

One thing you can do to make your resume stand out is to front load the metrics. Here are a couple of examples of how to add metrics to resume. This style of writing makes it straightforward for potential employers to see what you have achieved because, at an initial glance, they are more interested in what you are capable of accomplishing for them. Front loading keywords should include stating significant accomplishments, emphasizing your value to the prospective employers.

How to Put Metrics on Resume? Tips

The details of how you will actually employ your skills need to be stated but can be further discussed and evaluated in the interview.

  • It is noteworthy to use action verbs when specifying your job responsibilities. Action verbs will also appear more impressive and sharper!
  • You can enhance measurable metrics on the resume by stating percentages, money-savings, and the length of time it took – those will only boost your capabilities.

To summarize: State the accomplishment and then specify how it was completed.

These tips will help your resume look outstanding against your competition.

Front-Loaded Resume Metrics Examples:

  • Initial Statement – Hosted fundraising events, wrote a variety of grant proposals, and collaborated with a variety of corporate sponsors, raising $400,000.
  • Front-Loaded – Raised $400,000 by hosting fundraising events, writing a variety of grant proposals, and collaborating with a variety of corporate sponsors, raising $400,000.
  • Initial Statement – Worked diligently to improve initial review testing cycles, resulting in the reduction of total project time by 33% (45 to 30 days).
  • Front-Loaded – Reduced initial project times by 33% (45 to 30 days) by transforming initial review testing cycles.

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