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Is Resume Customization Really That Important?

Should I modify my resume for each job that I am applying to? Is one general resume okay to use for applying to several jobs?” As Certified Professional Resume Writers, these are common questions that we are asked. Resume customization for each job is incredibly important, but we understand how this can feel like an overwhelming project. The short answer to the question is yes.  You may use one resume to apply for numerous jobs, but it may not help you compete with your peers or stand out in a crowd. Why waste your time applying to a job if your resume isn’t going to get noticed? Taking the time to tailor your resume strengthens the probability of a prospective employer looking at you as a candidate. Here are just five ways that you can implement this.

Five Steps To A Better Resume

  1. First, compare the job description to your work work history. Do you have enough experience to thrive in the position that you are applying for?  Answering that question will help you gain an in depth understanding of your professional strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Think about your transferable skills, then evaluate any skills gaps that need to be addressed.
  3. Next, include the corresponding skills in your opening summary and quantify your expertise.
  4. The last step is to incorporate key words from the job description into the core competencies section of your resume.
  5. Finally, create an opening summary that highlights who you are as a professional. This paragraph should not express what you want to achieve.  It should express what you are able to accomplish.

Applying these five steps will position you to stand out in a crowd of equally qualified applicants.  For further assistance with resume customization or career coaching, contact M. Santiago Group 317-426-7889.

5 Steps to a better Resume


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