Outplacement Services and AI Impact on Resume Writing

As the summer progresses and many professionals think about implementing their career goals within the next month or two, I continue to receive a variety of questions and thought I would provide you with responses that many of us could benefit from.

Outplacement Services and Resume Writing


Outplacement Services Question

My friend’s resume and career coaching were paid for by her employer. She said it was called outplacement services. What is that and is it something we are all entitled to?

What are outplacement services? Santiago Group Guidance

Outplacement services are designed to provide support, guidance, and resources to individuals who are transitioning out of a company due to layoffs or other reasons. These services assist affected employees in navigating the job market, exploring new career options, and securing new employment. Outplacement firms typically offer a range of services, including career counseling, resume writing assistance, job search support, interview preparation, and networking guidance.

Whether or not you can take advantage of that depends on your current employer. I just finished providing outplacement services to a small organization that downsized one of their departments. As part of the severance package, they offered their transitioning employees a full suite of outplacement services. Not only did they receive resume writing services, but interview preparation, resume distribution services, and job searching coaching, all paid for by their employer. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being downsized, it’s worth asking your employer if this service can be part of your severance package.


AI and Resume Writing Question

I’ve received a few. What do you think? Should people use AI to write their resumes?

Can AI write for us resumes? Santiago Group Guidance

I’ve had a handful of prospective clients call me after utilizing AI and becoming very dissatisfied. The main complaint is that they end up with very generic resumes from AI. As corporate professionals and senior leaders with a vast array of accomplishments and experiences, your resume not only needs to be accurate, but it should be customized and personal to your career journey. A certified professional resume writer can give you some balanced guidance on how to position yourself for your next career opportunity both online and offline.

Can Artificial Intillegence make resume


Navigating AI Question

There is so much going on with AI. I’m afraid it will affect my job.

Santiago Group Guidance

According to Pew Research Center, 62% of Americans believe artificial intelligence will have a major impact on jobholders overall in the next 20 years, but far fewer think it will greatly affect them personally. People are generally wary and uncertain of AI being used in hiring and assessing workers. Here are a few things to consider.

Change is inevitable. It’s imperative that we all commit to lifelong learning and remain flexible and adaptable.

Continue to educate yourself about AI: Read industry publications, engage with thought leaders, forums, and the latest digital channels and platforms to stay informed about the developments and applications of AI in your industry.


Return to the Office Question

Are employers really making people return to the office?

Santiago Group Guidance

Many companies have developed return-to-office strategies, and some are embracing hybrid workplace models. Here is a list of major companies calling their employees back to the office.



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