Is It The Right Time? Coronavirus and Employment

Navigating the Coronavirus and Employment

These uncertain times have everyone anxiously waiting to see what will happen next during this coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are concerned about our loved ones and sandwiched between care for elderly parents and care for our children. Others are learning how to work from home while homeschooling kids. Some of us thrive in office environments bustling with people and feel a great deal of isolation while working from home.  So, how do we navigate this amongst the stress of seeking new employment during the coronavirus? Is it even the right time to work on my career goals during a pandemic? Here are a few things to consider.

Hire a Resume Writer

While some companies have implemented a hiring freeze, others are still interviewing and hiring. If you and your family members are healthy, you may find yourself with a little more time. Therefore, it’s the right time to work on your job readiness documents or hire a Certified Resume Writer to assist you. Is your resume ready to go? Can you customize a few cover letters? Does your LinkedIn profile have clear messaging for prospective recruiters?

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s the right time to ask for endorsements from colleagues to strengthen your LinkedIn profile and do the same for them. We are all affected by the coronavirus in some way, and those words of affirmation shared amongst colleagues may give those around you the extra dose of encouragement needed.

Practice Having a Video Conference

It’s the right time to brush up on your video conferencing skills, as this is the new interview format in these uncertain times. What is in the background? Is the lighting set up in a manner that others can clearly see your face? Practice using this type of technology with a friend, a colleague, or during a mock interview with a career coach.

Organize The Office

It’s the right time to get organized. For some, working from home with small kids seems unmanageable. Organize your office and make it an inviting place for your kids to be at during specially designated times. Today we are restructuring our day for distance learning with two teenage sons, but in 2009 we worked from home with a 3-year-old playing under our desks while his brother was in school. He needed to be with us, and we needed to work. While this may not be ideal during a video conference staff meeting, what area in your home office can you set up for a “mild-mannered” young child to quietly play near you? Furthermore, what special activity can you do in your office during a 15-minute break with the child that isn’t so mild-mannered?

Trust God

It’s the right time to simply lean on The Lord. The Bible says, we make plans, but He directs our footsteps. (Proverbs 16:9) We believe that God is real, He is sovereign, and with Him all things are possible. Our prayers are for you in the weeks and months ahead.
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