Get The Best Out Of Your Resume Writer

We are periodically asked if we can simply review a resumé and give a couple of quick improvement suggestions. We could, but we would likely be doing you a great disservice. Unless you know someone, who knows someone and you can easily get hired, you need a resumé that will represent your skills and accomplishments well. It is the catalyst for a career move, and it should be handled with care both on your part and ours. Indeed, our part is incredibly important as we put our best writers to work at formulating sentences and articulating your skills on paper, but you have a role to play as well.

Here are a few steps to take to get the best out of your resumé writer.

  1. Think about what makes you stand out and what you have accomplished, then share it with us in detail. No resumé writer has been in your shoes as you have navigated through your career. He/she is truly relying on you to explain what you have accomplished in your previous positions.
  2. Identify what you want to accomplish with your new resumé, why you feel the need to hire a professional writer and explain this to the writer.
  3. Consider what position(s) you would like to secure and consider whether you have the transferable skills to attract a prospective employer.
  4. Carefully review each draft to ensure that your contact information is up to date, that your document truly represents you as a professional, and that you can explain your resumé to a prospective employer.

There are a variety of great resumé writers that will assist you in developing a document that you can be proud of.  Our best advice is to choose a writing company that you can build a relationship with.  We do business with people, not companies, so choose a writing company full of people who are genuinely cheering for your continued success…the kind that will be there for your next career move, for your son’s first resumé needs, and for some sage career transition advice when you need it.


4/16 Job Postings


Indianapolis, IN Area

  1. GEODIS – Training Coordinator
  2. Amazon – Staffing Coordinator
  3. Salesforce – Executive Communication Specialist
  4. State of Indiana  – Project Costing Systems Analyst
  5. Milliner & Associates – Staff Accountant
  6. Wheaton Van Lines – Senior Relocation Coordinator


St. Louis, MO Area

  1. Emerson – Cyber Intelligence Analyst
  2. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – CRM Product Owner
  3. Zoltek-Toray Group – Supply Chain Analyst
  4. Centene Corporation – Scrum Master (Agile)
  5. The Covering House – Community Engagement Manager


Chicago, IL Area

  1. Beverly Farm Foundation – Human Rights Coordinator
  2. Draper & Kramer – Corporate Trainer
  3. St. Luke’s Hospital – Application Analyst
  4. University of Illinois – Strategic Planning & Communications Specialist


Cincinnati, Ohio Area

  1. Community Action Agency – Executive Assistant | Board Administrator
  2. Lidner Center of Hope – Mental Health Specialist
  3. PNC Bank – Senior Client Solutions Specialist
  4. UES, Inc. – Purchasing Administrator

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